Pixel Disc Golf 2

The disc golf phenomenon of the 2014 is now back and better than ever!

New features:
- Level editor
- Real life pro-players
- Stunning graphics
- 100+ collectable discs
and much more!

Pilots of the Dawn

Pilots of the Dawn is a 2D airplane dogfight game on iOS. It's inspired by other classics of the same genre like Triplane Turmoil, Koiratappelu 2 and Luftrausers.

Pilots of the Dawn was planned to be a local multiplier game like Koiratappelu 2, but mobile displays turned out to be too small for that.

Pilots of the Dawn has a campaign game mode with 30 handcrafted missions and two boss fights. There is also an endless mode with global leaderboards and a new random generated mission every day!


Jussi Enroos (Founder)

Daytime Job: Software Architect @ Dodreams Ltd.

Jari Räisänen (Founder)

Daytime Job: Game Developer @ Dodreams Ltd.